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Lucy sofa system by Lucy Kurrein for Offecct.
Lucy sofa system by Lucy Kurrein for Offecct.

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Offecct makes the sofa system Lucy even more flexible. New module and digital configurator provide more possibilities.

The market needs for flexible furniture for both work and rest are only increasing. Therefore, Offecct and designer Lucy Kurrein have now further developed the modular sofa system Lucy. A new module allows the sofa to be built in angled formations and a digital configurator makes it easier to create your own unique solutions.

Lucy is a modular system based on individual seats that together create a soft and inviting sofa. When launched in 2018, the idea was to create a flexible piece of furniture that facilitates the furnishing of, for example, lounge spaces in hotels, offices or other public spaces.

“With smart accessories such as side tables, power sources and clothes hangers, it's a relaxed place where you can, for example, sit down to answer e-mails or have an informal meeting. Where you can go and work – but not feel like you´re at work", says Lucy Kurrein.

The demand for flexible, informal workspaces, designed to meet people's needs and the features of the room, has only continued to increase since the launch, not least during the pandemic year 2020. The new seating module and configurator for Lucy clearly meets a strong need.

“Our ways of working and meeting are changing rapidly. Workplaces and public environments are taking on new roles in our lives and the demand for dynamic modular furniture like Lucy is strong. With people working more and more from home, companies are also required to rethink their spaces, and fewer square meters put higher demands on flexibility,” says Offecct's Brand Manager Maria Olofsson Karemyr.

With the new module that Offecct has developed together with Lucy Kurrein, the Lucy sofa system can also be built in angles (previously only in straight formations). This increases the possibilities for personal adaptations of the sofa and to create dedicated places for both work and rest in different environments. With the new digital configurator, it´s also easy to move around all modules and try different variants to find your own unique solution.

“With this kind of platform thinking for furniture, it´s becoming increasingly important for interior design companies to not only talk about products, but also to help the customer to see and understand all the solutions and opportunities. Offecct has always regarded this an indisputable responsibility and these are services that we will continue to develop,” says Maria Olofsson Karemyr.

Lucy Kurrein 
Lucy Kurrein began her career on an Art Foundation Diploma at the Leeds College of Art and Design. She went on to study Furniture Design at Buckinghamshire University where she graduated in 2007. After some years at Matthew Hiltons' and PearsonLloyds' respectively, all British Royal Designers for Industry, she set up her own design studio in London in 2013. The same year she launched her first sofa in collaboration with SCP. In 2015 Lucy was awarded “Young Furniture Designer of the Year” by Homes and Gardens magazine. She is one of the most exciting new designers working in Europe today.

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