OFFECCTs designchef Anders Englund antar nya utmaningar

Press releases   •   May 03, 2019 10:10 CEST

Från och med den 6 maj 2019 arbetar Anders Englund vidare med Offeccts strategiska designarbete i Flokk Design Council.

OFFECCT’s Design Manager Anders Englund takes on new challenges

Press releases   •   May 03, 2019 10:10 CEST

From May 6, 2019, Anders Englund will continue to work with OFFECCT’s strategic design work, now within the framework of the Flokk Design Council.

10 beautiful objects that made our life easier – The evolution of a USB stick

Press releases   •   Apr 26, 2019 11:09 CEST

The smallest object in Offecct’s collection can be spotted on the desks and in the hands of architecture- and design lovers around the globe. At Salone del Mobile in Milanwe will celebrate the 10th edition of our beloved USB-stick, this year designed by David Trubridge from New Zealand.

USB stick 2019 in a surfboard-like shape by David Trubridge

Press releases   •   Apr 05, 2019 15:28 CEST

Offecct has since 2010 developed a new USB stick loaded with the year’s news, images and press releases. Each USB stick is individually designed by some of our renowned designers. The 2019 stick is designed by David Trubridge, who also has created a seating furniture in Offecct Lab for 2019.

Mobili con una missione. Al Salone del Mobile

Press releases   •   Apr 05, 2019 15:03 CEST

Grazie a un design originale che contribuisce a migliorare le riunioni di persone, Offecct, anno dopo anno, è riuscita a imprimere una chiara direzione all’industria del mobile, anche per il 2019.

Furniture with a mission at Salone del Mobile

Press releases   •   Apr 05, 2019 14:54 CEST

With original design that contributes to better meetings between people, year after year Offecct has staked out the direction the furniture industry is heading, and 2019 is no exception.

Jin by Jin Kuramoto receives top distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design

Press releases   •   Mar 29, 2019 14:52 CET

Sometimes you get the chance to sit in a work of art

Press releases   •   Feb 08, 2019 13:50 CET

It is not often that you are allowed to sit in a work of art, but the new signature piece by Emmanuel Babled lets you experience that unique sensation. This multipurpose furniture with its generous seating and distinct foundation truly embodies both craft and industry, beauty and function. So go on, please have a seat in Babled.

Experimental design by guest designer David Trubridge - seating furniture to drift away on

Press releases   •   Feb 05, 2019 13:00 CET

Waka is designed by David Trubridge who, in his second collaboration with Offecct, has created an inviting, open piece of seating furniture. It is a place for meetings or rest where we can let our minds drift away for a moment.

A Scandinavian café chair makes an entrance

Press releases   •   Feb 03, 2019 10:00 CET

Following extensive remodelling, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm is once again one of Europe’s most modern museums. For the new interior, TAF Studio has designed Chapeau, a Scandinavian café chair offering great comfort and a small size – something that will solve problems in small spaces when people suddenly leave or join your company.

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The Offecct collection enable the creation of interiors that stimulate creativity and communication between people.

As Offecct is a design company, the highest level of design in every detail is the basis of our operation. To us it´s not enough to launch another chair or sofa into the market. We want to add other qualities in addition to aesthetics with every new product that we releases. This ambition is the core of the Offecct Lifecircle philosophy.

Our passion lies in developing design for meetings between people. Our craftsmen and women, raised in a strong local furniture-making tradition, collaborate with leading international designers to create solutions that inspire creative discussions and stimulate the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

We are also convinced that we can and must have a positive impact on the world around us. This is why it is only natural for us to be sustainable in everything we do – environmentally, socially and financially. We call our philosophy Offecct Lifecircle.